Friday, October 27, 2017

Seminar Topic: August 2017 Minnesota State Quarter Errors (Extra Tree Varieties)

The Northern Lakes Coin and Currency Club wishes to invite club members and new guests interested in the hobby to attend the monthly meeting on 
Monday, August 21st,  7:00 PM in the 
YMCA at 400 River Road. 

Our seminar topic will be the 
Minnesota State Quarter Errors (Extra Tree Varieties). 
 I will have many examples of the 
different errors that occurred on the 
Minnesota Quarters from 2005. 
 There will be an enlarged printout showing 
the first 63 different errors and what to look for in 
order to find your own errors.   

Please bring any examples of 
types of coins with you to view and discuss! 

 For more info,
 contact Ken Olson 244-9299.

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